Lenders and Regulators

To transform how affordable housing is renovated, RetrofitNY is laying the foundation of a self-sustaining market for higher-performance and net-zero retrofits. While revolutionizing how multifamily buildings are renovated, the recaptured savings from lower energy and maintenance costs and reduced risk from the volatile fuel market can also revolutionize how these renovations are financed throughout New York State and beyond. In collaboration with financial organizations, we seek to develop innovative approaches to finance retrofits within existing financing frameworks.

We’re interested in connecting with organizations that would like to explore long-term partnerships, or those in the process of financing upcoming projects that may qualify for our proof-of-concept phase. The types of organizations we want to hear from you include:

  • Affordable housing lenders
  • Community development financial institutions (CDFIs)
  • Non-profits and philanthropic organizations
  • Mortgage insurers
  • Tax equity providers
  • Affordable housing agencies
  • Private equity firms
  • Appraisers

Benefits to Financial Institutions Include:

  • New products and services for existing clientele in a growing sector
  • Access to a large pool of borrowers with lower default risk due to reduced energy costs, simplified building operating systems, and reduced dependence on volatile energy sources
  • More options for sustainably minded or socially conscious investors